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update: phpLyFOX

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Update: phpLyFOX is working again. Although some video’s do not show but for the most part it’s working again. I don’t know for how long it will work. See it could be done. One question and leave your answers in the comments. Will you pay for phplyfox if it was payware? or would you just say F that I’m not gonna pay for anything..?

PHP Source Code:

LyFOX For Linux

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LyFOX for linux is out and I think it’s the better one than the one for Mac or Windows. It was edited by Bryan. The linux version of LyFOX lets you download the music videos with only one click as oppose to the mac and win versions. So download that and check it out. It’s awesome. Oh yeah I don’t host the linux version so go to his site.

You can also download LyFOX for linux from here LyFOX Linux

phpLYFOX Update

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phpLYFOX has been updated. Changes made: added playlist support.
Tell me what you think and suggestion are always cool.


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phpLYFOX is completed. What is phpLYFOX? It is simply a way to watch yahoo music videos for us Mac users since Yahoo absolutely doesn’t care to provide Macintosh users access in other words its web based. So here you go my mac friends. Try it out phpLYFOX or you can download the source code here

LyFOX Dashboard Widget

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LyFOX Dashboard Widget for use mac people.
Download: lyfox.widget.php

LyFOX 0.7

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LyFOX means Launch.Yahoo For OSX. It was intended for mac users to be able to watch music videos from Yahoo.
Its available for Mac, Windows, & Linux
Mac: | Windows: | Linux: LyFOX For Linux

Current Progress

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So, it’s been while since I last wrote something here.. Well it’s for a good reason, I’ve been busy with work but besides the work hours, I actually managed to create a PHP Framework which I call Cupcake. The reason for the name is being that I wanted a version of CakePHP without lots of the component I will never use. I initially forked CakePHP but ran into some issues with it. So I decided to write my own and implement it that way I thought it should be. That is available on Github.

Another project I’m working on is a Mac OS X Application that will be similar to my previous apps GAMV and LyFOX which were a great success, and I will attempt to release it by the end of this year 2009.


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What do you get when you put together LyFOX & GAMV? you get glideo of course.
A work in progress & by invitation only glideo will be amazing. Still the direction of glideo is not certain but will be worth wild. Look forward to seeing more information about glideo in the upcoming weeks.


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Update: I finally built my computer this week and I installed OSx86 on it. Although since now I have two machines I kinda just want one machine, So I kinda also thinking of buying one of the newer versions of the mac which runs on the intel processor that way I can use VMware or Parallels to run Windows & Linux. Since I built my machine I’ll still use it for the time being. Oh yeah I almost forgot here are some photos on my flickr page.
So I am building my first computer, yay! for me. eh whatever…. Anyways since I will soon have Windows & Linux installed. Maybe I’ll make lyfox work better on windows perhaps include that one button download people are requesting. I am thinking installing a frankenstein version of OSX onto it since OSX is now intel based, We’ll see how far I get.

Music.Yahoo now using Flash video

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So I was over at and I was browsing the site so I search for Acceptance, a band I like, and I clicked on the video to try and watch it to see what would happen. I was surprise to find out that now mac users can watch music videos over at yahoo. Since they show them to you “Youtube Style” in other words in flash video. I then checked the & and it seems yahoo has not yet change things on those sites. So if yahoo changes to all flash video does that mean phpLYFOX & LyFOX are doomed? Now maybe there is a way to download those flash videos from yahoo and transcode them into .mp4.

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