Downtown LA

Posted in iPhone on Jul 22, 2008

The stuff I see in downtown los angeles and a post to test image posting


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  1. # 1 Pip Says:

    ¡Hola Fernando!
    Have been trying with a Mac to use lastbridge (and can’t use your PC script). Wondering if you have any tips on getting my Roku to work with
    Glad to know you are also hacking your iphone!
    I have used my T-Mobile ($49 for 1550 mins + 5.95 for data) for quite some time now.
    Did see your L.A. picture from your phone I suppose…

  2. # 2 FernyB Says:

    @Pip, I use a Mac, works with Any computer. Any browser. and it’s not a script. More information about this would be helpful and I’ll help in any way that I can. Also have you taking a look at the screencast I made for it shows you how to use it for the Roku soundbridge.

  3. # 3 Pip Says:

    Thanks Fernando for your prompt reply!
    I am glad you are also a Mac user, but I have to confess that your blog is speaking way on top of my knowledge. You write:
    “Oh yeah before I forget you will need a web server with php installed and with cURL. Thats it.”
    That is totally understandable to me who has limited programming knowledge (a bit of html and I can replace a command within terminal, but no Unix knowledge, etc…).
    Anyway, with some pointers I am willing to be your student!
    Also, I have tried the website but there are two issues as far as I can understand:
    1. the name I sign in there is different from my account – a bit confusing…
    2. the “playlist.pls” file I generate does not play in iTunes and thus lead nowhere apparently…
    Sorry for this state of affairs at this point. Thanks for any help when you can!
    P.S.: What do you mean by “screencast”? Framegrab? Where is it located?

  4. # 4 Pip Says:

    I can give you a call from my phone, if you don’t mind providing some live help. I have copied the file as per your great little video clip, and that does not seem to work either in my Roku, nor in VLC
    I think there is possibly a confusion of user names:
    the error message in VLC says:
    main: no suitable access module for ` such user’
    Then I also downloaded TextWrangler to edit your config.php file but then I don’t know what do with it… Remember I am a NEWBIE!
    I don’t want to post it for fear of “strangers”

  5. # 5 Pip Says:

    Even after using TextWrangler and inputting my username there VLC gives me this error message:
    main: no suitable access module for `′

  6. # 6 Gaisce1 Says:


    Would it be possible to have the ‘current track’ title displayed in LastBridge as well as the list of recent tracks?

  7. # 7 wat Says:

    hey fernyb i was just informed that the new pwnage tool is releasing tomrow with installer 4 and the updated firmware 2.0.1 and cydia fixes. are you going to run this on your mac and create us a custom firmware? =D thx alot if you can.

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