Days writing Cocoa / Objective-C

Posted in Me on Oct 04, 2008

I don’t write Cocoa / Objective-C all day long. I do write a lot more Ruby than PHP now, It’s better at times I wish PHP could do that. I’ll write Ruby over PHP even though I may know more about PHP than Ruby at this moment in time. Lately I’ve been writing RubyCocoa, which is just using Ruby and the Cocoa Framework, same API but you can use Ruby idioms. I’ve also wondered why I was even writing in Ruby and not just on pure Objective-C? Well, I’ve started to do just that.

I’ve started to write Objective-C a lot especially this past week, I’ve been reading lots of documentation, sometimes I get a headache because I need to look up which method I need to call next. I first started to learn Cocoa about almost two years ago but I was never really serious about until now. I’m starting to like the syntax, some people will argue that. What I really like about it is it’s named arguments and that Objects can be extended as-well, just like what Rails does with Ruby.

So with all that being said, I continue to learn the Cocoa Framework with Objective-C and currently reading over Aaron Hillegass’ book, Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX.

2 Responses to “ Days writing Cocoa / Objective-C ”

  1. # 1 Thomas Simon Says:

    Cocoa with objective C through me for a loop the first time I tried it with hershey / Luck Charms, too

    FERNNNNYYYYY!! Wut Up, Dude!

    Tommie here smacking you with a few hello’s!

  2. # 2 DennisBB Says:

    yea Objective-C definitely rocks.

    it’s syntax is beautiful.

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