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While I read post by post about FriendFeed I try to ignore it until today, it got me, So I signed up and you know what? friendfeed sucks, I don’t get it… Everyone is raving about it, it just seems to be everywhere you read. It just seems like a jaiku clone with some extensions. So case in point I have an account with friendfeed and there is no point to friendfeed nothing new, nothing original, & nothing creative. It almost seems like friendfeed could be a feature in a social network then it would make better sense.. 

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  1. # 1 Pay Low Music!'s blog Says:


    So, you consider friendfeed as just an extension or part of a social network, but can’t be that big deal.

    But maybe if they work on Friendfeed, they could turn it into data portability? or what do you think?

    Like if they make features like… hmmmm, let’s say remote uplaoding to Youtube, or update your profile on facebook from friendfeed, or upload photos to Flickr from friendfeed, or any such similar tasks…

    Do you think it could be more useful that way, or what do you mean? 🙂

    In fact I am thinking of applying the above ideas to paylowmusic, but that would take a long time for me to do.

    I am so slow man 🙁

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