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Ruby url encode01.20.13

In one of the projects I’m working on I’ve been seeing the following all over the codebase.

CGI.escape(plaintext).gsub(“+”, “%20”).gsub(“%7E”, “~”)

At first you wonder why are they replacing “+” with “%20”.
Then you realize what they really wanted to use was “URI.encode”.

When using “URI.encode” you don’t need to gsub “+” with “%20”.

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Capture NSWindow screenshot03.29.11

This weekend I was playing with some neat Core Animation and was looking into how to get an NSImage of a NSWindow. My first solution was to find out if someone already figured that part out and yes of course they did according to google. But the problem was all the examples never had the shadow of the window and I wanted the shadow. So I poked around the docs for some long hours and I came out with this after looking at SonOfGrab sample code.

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PHP GAMV is back online01.17.11

A while ago I wanted to get GAMV back online and I decided to use Cupcake the PHP Framework I wrote. If you’re looking for it go to:

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Skatr 1.1 Update – iPhone App07.02.09

Skatr for iPhone update has been approved if you have purchased the app it is a free update, Otherwise If it’s your first time buying the app, the cost is $1.99


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Skatr Available on App Store04.26.09

Skatr is now available on the App Store, go buy it!

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My First Macintosh03.15.09

So, I got this flash back and it reminded me of my first computer I’ve ever had and how I wanted one. I was 8 years old and as most kids do on weekend mornings watch cartoons, I somehow was watching a commercial for the Macintosh Performa and I guess it just made me think It would be cool to have one.

So I thought about those commercials perhaps I can find them online and so I did. Here there are in parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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An update for, I’ve completed some work  and some of the new thing you can do with it now is have multiple playlist files each one for a station.

Makes it much easier to switch stations by having them
in a seperate  playlist files. I’ve also added password reminder.

That will send you a reminder of your password you initially picked when registering and I’ve removed the single playlist files because now they are separate.

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Development update: Skatr12.26.08

Just a small updated on my development of skatr. It’s almost ready to go for beta release.

If anyone has taken notice, the site is currently down on purpose. I figure I will take it down it gives me more reason to complete my project. The site is being developed using the Merb Framework. After reading some news about Merb being Merged into Rails 3, was actually good I think. Anyways, my project will be up live sometime soon, I’m aiming for the first of January, of course this will be beta release and I say beta because things might not be correct on the site, etc..

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LA Ruby Meetup @ The Americana at Brand12.06.08

Again LA Ruby will be have a meetup, it will be hosted at the The Americana at Brand in Glendale, CA. Thursday, Dec 18, 2008, 7:00 PM.

722 Americana Way
The Marc Building – Grand Room
Glendale, CA 91210

More information can be found at and join the yahoo group.

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iPhone firmware

Pwnage Tool 2.0

Yesterday was the release of Pwnage Tool 2.0. Immediately I downloaded the tool although I was having trouble actually trying to download it, I guess their server was being hit.. anyways, I was using wget to download it. Well after I manage to download it, of course I unlocked my iPhone first generation with firmware 2.0. What does this mean? It means, I can have my iPhone be more like a computer, now I can connect to it via ssh, and use T-Mobile if I wanted to.. Official third-party apps continue to work. It’s better than ever.

If you need to unlocked firmware for your own phone download it here..

How to use the custom firmware? simply just plug your iphone holding the power button and the home button for about 10 seconds and iTunes says you are in recovery mode. That is a good sign. After you need to option click on recover button to browse for the unlocked firmware. Then just sit back and let iTunes do whatever it does.. Enjoy.

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Sinatra on Dreamhost!06.22.08

Sinatra on Dreamhost

Hello, Finally you can host all those sinatra apps you have been building on Dreamhost. They have Phusion Passenger 2.0 RC 2 and it can run Rack based apps like Sinatra, Merb, Camping, etc.. I had to do some hacking to get this to work for some reason doing require ‘sinatra’ was not loading, so I had to do an absolute require and then it all worked great. I created something simple with Sinatra being hosted on Dreamhost. check it out!

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Dreamhost Promo Code06.02.08

I host almost all my stuff with dreamhost and I figure I would give out this promo code out.
Enter Promo Code: WEBBER1 when signing up and receive the following:

  • 10% bonus to the disk space of any plan signed up for with it!
  • 10% bonus to the monthly bandwidth of any plan signed up for with it!
  • 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan signed up for with it!
  • 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP to any plan signed up for with it!
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    While I read post by post about FriendFeed I try to ignore it until today, it got me, So I signed up and you know what? friendfeed sucks, I don’t get it… Everyone is raving about it, it just seems to be everywhere you read. It just seems like a jaiku clone with some extensions. So case in point I have an account with friendfeed and there is no point to friendfeed nothing new, nothing original, & nothing creative. It almost seems like friendfeed could be a feature in a social network then it would make better sense.. 

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    Jonathan Yanez in Toast03.19.08

    It has been a long time that since I last did some serious skateboarding, maybe too long. I still continue to skateboard just not that serious about it as some of my friends are. They have taken it to the next level. Take a look at this video of a friend I used to go skateboard with when I was in High School. It’s a cool video.

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    Twitter / MySpace Crosspost11.03.07

    Twitter MySpace Status Update

    So I use Twitter and overall I like it. It’s cool I post whatever is on my mind at the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I even posted that… but anyways I have created a crosspost script. Update your Twitter status and at the same time update your MySpace status so your, myspace friends can see it.


    Written in PHP.

    Twitter Follow:

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