iPhone Custom Firmware 1.1.4

Posted in Downloads, iPhone, Mac, Me on Apr 05, 2008

Apple iPhone Unlocked 1.1.4 Custom Fimware

I have finally unlocked one of my iPhones, so now it can run on t-mobile. Luckily I have two iPhones one that I mess around with and the other which I do use on a everyday basis. If incase anyone wants to use my custom firmware I created here it is for download, I assume you can put your iPhone into recovery mode and use the custom firmware to get your phone unlocked. Always be aware of you are doing.

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  1. # 1 mobilzzone Says:

    Thanks for uploading your custom fw, i have windows, and i can’t make my own custom, and now i am trying your.. Can you make a custom fw of the 2.0 beta? I want to try it too. please:) i will be very thankful 🙂

  2. # 2 FernyB Says:

    @mobilzzone let me know if the firmware works for you. I will also create a fw 2.0 and put it on here.. Just let me know if the FW works.

  3. # 3 wat0 Says:

    thx for uping this. can you mirror it or add another link because im not going to be home for another week=<

  4. # 4 wat0 Says:

    hey fernyb can you create a custom with stock images? and put bootneuter and installer and all that good stuff pls =D

  5. # 5 vandy1997 Says:

    @FernyB Your custom firmware 1.1.4 worked great in conjunction with with winpwn. Would you please create a custom fw 2.0 and post it here so that we can test it with winpwn? Thank you!

  6. # 6 FernyB Says:

    @wat0 I have updated the firmware to only use the stock images. For the FW 2.0 I don’t know where to download it from. As soon as I find a copy I will post it here.

  7. # 7 vandy1997 Says:

    FernyB, you may be able to find firmware 2.0 on http://www.thepiratebay.org (do a search for ” iphone 2.0 5A240d ” there). :o) This is a torrent site. Then you will have to run ipsw builder on it to make a custom .ipsw file. Thank you!

  8. # 8 vandy1997 Says:

    FernyB, please make sure to add BSDSubsystem, OpenSSH, and vterm100 (I believe that that is the terminal app), if possible, to one of the 2.0 customized files. I believe that you can add openssh under the advanced tab of ipsw builder, but I am not sure! Thank!

  9. # 9 vandy1997 Says:

    FernyB, sorry for all of the messages. I am not sure if you want to host a 2.0 file here, as it may not be legal. Just put it on a torrents site, if you wish to post. I don’t want you to get in any trouble. Thanks!

  10. # 10 Ryan Says:

    Not the place to post this I’m sorry but I’m a little desperate. Heard you were the genius to ask about my problem. I have a I-Tunes video that is DRM Protected and I wanna convert it. Do you have any solution that you could give me on the matter. I would have e-mailed you or posted this somewhere else. But I didn’t see a place with your e-mail or a place that I could post this elsewhere. If you can help me please let me know. I appreciate it.

  11. # 11 wat0 Says:

    FernB you do have bootneuter on there rite?

  12. # 12 FernyB Says:

    @wat0 that’s right…

  13. # 13 vandy1997 Says:

    FernyB, please post firmware 2.0 build 5A258f (beta 4) custom firmware, created with pwnage, for download when available and when possible to do with pwnage. It seems like we are never going to be able to create firmware 2.0 custom files with winpwn, but at least it is possible to pwn the iPhone with it! Thank you for your help!!

  14. # 14 rob Says:

    do i restore this firmware in itunes and does my iphone need to be pwned before it restore?

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