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iPhone firmware

Pwnage Tool 2.0

Yesterday was the release of Pwnage Tool 2.0. Immediately I downloaded the tool although I was having trouble actually trying to download it, I guess their server was being hit.. anyways, I was using wget to download it. Well after I manage to download it, of course I unlocked my iPhone first generation with firmware 2.0. What does this mean? It means, I can have my iPhone be more like a computer, now I can connect to it via ssh, and use T-Mobile if I wanted to.. Official third-party apps continue to work. It’s better than ever.

If you need to unlocked firmware for your own phone download it here..

How to use the custom firmware? simply just plug your iphone holding the power button and the home button for about 10 seconds and iTunes says you are in recovery mode. That is a good sign. After you need to option click on recover button to browse for the unlocked firmware. Then just sit back and let iTunes do whatever it does.. Enjoy.

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iPhone Custom Firmware 1.1.404.05.08

Apple iPhone Unlocked 1.1.4 Custom Fimware

I have finally unlocked one of my iPhones, so now it can run on t-mobile. Luckily I have two iPhones one that I mess around with and the other which I do use on a everyday basis. If incase anyone wants to use my custom firmware I created here it is for download, I assume you can put your iPhone into recovery mode and use the custom firmware to get your phone unlocked. Always be aware of you are doing.

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update: phpLyFOX06.03.07

Update: phpLyFOX is working again. Although some video’s do not show but for the most part it’s working again. I don’t know for how long it will work. See it could be done. One question and leave your answers in the comments. Will you pay for phplyfox if it was payware? or would you just say F that I’m not gonna pay for anything..?

PHP Source Code:

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MySpace API04.15.07

MySpace does not have an API so while being bored and trying to find something to do. I wrote some code to create a homebrew/homemade API so its the unofficial MySpace API by me. So go ahead and use it do whatever you want with it. A link back to my site would be really cool or at least some credit.

I wrote some documentation for this and you can test it out here aswell. Go to: It is also available for download so you can use it with your own server.

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Sun, Feb 11, 2007 – Update: GAMV-PHP works now. GAMV Application still does not work but I really don’t have time to fix it, I’m busy working on other projects. If you want to you can fix it. Here is the source code. gamv source code its made in RealBasic.

Update: A fix for this will be available tomorrow.

GAMV (Get AOL Music Videos) is an app to get and watch aol videos. simple as that.
Mac: | Windows: | Linux:

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Listen to with the Roku SoundBridge01.14.07

Update: Listen to your streaming radio on the Roku SoundBridge Using makes it really simple to listen to your music on the soundbridge. If that is what you are looking for then check out it out!

Updated Post

So a while ago, maybe 7 months ago I bought the Roku SoundBridge and I do like it. Recently I have been listening to a lot of to my personal radio / loved tracks. So while listening to I didn’t always want the computer to be on so I googled to see if there was any solutions. I found one but it was some kinda server written in python. I didn’t test it but from the read me file it seems you need to have your computer turned on. Which is what I am trying to avoid. Now I came up with my solution.

It’s basically a controller. You can use your a PSP that is if you have one, I do so I use that to control it when I am away from my computer. It uses a playlist file to play your radio stream. So not only can you use this playlist file with the roku soundbridge but also with other media players and its controlled via a web based controller.

It is written in PHP.
You can download it here.

It’s super easy to setup. Just open the config.php file with a plain text editor and insert your username and password. The password need to be in md5. With Mac OSX you can open up Terminal and get your md5 that way. Type this in the termnial.
md5 -s [your_password]
of course replace [your_password] with your actual password and it then will generate an md5. If your on windows I don’t know how you would get an md5 but I found this app useful to get the md5sum. .zip file contain the md5.exe. Enjoy.

Oh yeah before I forget you will need a web server with php installed and with cURL. Thats it.
If you need a free php web host then here is a list or you can always just search for one, although it’s always best to just buy web hosting its not expensive.

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LyFOX For Linux01.03.07

LyFOX for linux is out and I think it’s the better one than the one for Mac or Windows. It was edited by Bryan. The linux version of LyFOX lets you download the music videos with only one click as oppose to the mac and win versions. So download that and check it out. It’s awesome. Oh yeah I don’t host the linux version so go to his site.

You can also download LyFOX for linux from here LyFOX Linux

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Free Website Templates12.31.06

This is the last day of the year and tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. So to celebrate I will share what I found over at digg. Premium access to thousands of website templates get them while they are hot.
Uername: 2007ny
Password: free

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Bake Your Cookies12.16.06

Here is a script I wrote in PHP it shows you your own cookies yahoo music gives you after you login. So say you are making some kind of app and need cookies for yahoo music then use your own. Here you go donwload it:

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phpLYFOX is completed. What is phpLYFOX? It is simply a way to watch yahoo music videos for us Mac users since Yahoo absolutely doesn’t care to provide Macintosh users access in other words its web based. So here you go my mac friends. Try it out phpLYFOX or you can download the source code here

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LyFOX Dashboard Widget12.13.06

LyFOX Dashboard Widget for use mac people.
Download: lyfox.widget.php

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LyFOX 0.712.13.06

LyFOX means Launch.Yahoo For OSX. It was intended for mac users to be able to watch music videos from Yahoo.
Its available for Mac, Windows, & Linux
Mac: | Windows: | Linux: LyFOX For Linux

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GAMV-PHP is GAMV which is an accronym for Get AOL Music Videos. Original it was only for mac but since people started to complain I figured, shit okay I’ll compile the windows and linux version and post them for download. Enjoy! GAMV-PHP or download it

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