Testing with CakePHP – Part 1

Posted in PHP, video on Nov 01, 2008

If you would like the higher quality screencast download it (h.264)

Lately I’ve been messing around with CakePHP and it’s actually pretty good. It’s similar to Rails but obviously not in Ruby. Unlike some people, I don’t discriminate based on code or anything else really. I’m happy with anything I like. Well I figure I would start a series of screencasts for CakePHP since I’m messing around with it.

Oh yeah, I’ve been reading, apparently, and I know, It’s not very well explained, just a heads up.

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2 Responses to “ Testing with CakePHP – Part 1 ”

  1. # 1 Screencast about testing controllers with CakePHP - cakebaker Says:

    […] I stumbled upon a screencast by Fernando Baraja (aka FernyB), in which he gives an introduction about testing controllers with […]

  2. # 2 Josh Says:

    Hey there

    Thanks a lot for this great screencast! The fact that I’m the first person writing a comment here is sad evidence that there nearly noone seems to be interested in testing in the CakePHP world. I’m coming from Ruby On Rails (and I love it), but for some customers who rely on PHP and fear trying something new, I have to implement some projects in CakePHP.

    I’ve done quite a lot unit testing already in CakePHP for models and views, but for controllers I didn’t really dive in too deep yet. So now I’m taking another try.

    If you’re interested: I have written a library that let’s you do view testing with fixtures, the same as you can do model and controller testing with your test database.

    Thanks again for this useful screencast!

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