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Preview Email in Rails07.02.13

I’ve recorded another video showing RailsMailPreview and FBDistributedNotification specifically on how to preview your email from a rails app.

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Ruby Web Scraping Using Nokogiri and Curb06.25.13

I made a video on using nokogiri and curb to web scrape. Simple but to the point maybe I’ll start to make more of this stuff.

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Worlds Hottest Peper!02.15.09

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Today, I wanted to make a screencast to serve more as a reminder to myself on remembering how to create the UINavigation inside a UITabBar for iPhone Development. So I got a little cheap and I decided to look for something online to bookmark but I found screencast-o-matic which is really cool. It let’s you create screencasts from your browser. It uses a java applet. So this is what I created.

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Testing with CakePHP – Part 111.01.08

If you would like the higher quality screencast download it (h.264)

Lately I’ve been messing around with CakePHP and it’s actually pretty good. It’s similar to Rails but obviously not in Ruby. Unlike some people, I don’t discriminate based on code or anything else really. I’m happy with anything I like. Well I figure I would start a series of screencasts for CakePHP since I’m messing around with it.

Oh yeah, I’ve been reading, apparently, and I know, It’s not very well explained, just a heads up.

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LA Ruby #409.19.08

So the day as come and gone. LA Ruby was a hit. This time it was over at Los Angeles Times building in Downtown Los Angeles CA. It was great to see many new people. It continues to grow. More good things are coming along the way. I met some guys from a startup called and they are using Merb instead of Rails. The idea behind it sounds cool. So I’ve posted a their video and the music for it awesome.

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RubyCocoa – Hello World09.13.08

So after dicussing with myself. I figure why re-invent the wheel. So here is a screencast of RubyCocoa.

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Smith Park Montage, Pico Rivera Skaters06.01.08

This is probably one of the better videos I have seen from Pico Rivera Skateboarding. As many of you know I used to do some really serious skateboarding. I still skateboard just not that serious about it and yes it is still fun, in weekends you will probably find me there. Watch this video montage it is cool.

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Jonathan Yanez in Toast03.19.08

It has been a long time that since I last did some serious skateboarding, maybe too long. I still continue to skateboard just not that serious about it as some of my friends are. They have taken it to the next level. Take a look at this video of a friend I used to go skateboard with when I was in High School. It’s a cool video.

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Mac vs. PC vs. Linux02.28.08

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles02.01.08

In the series premiere, Sarah Connor struggles to keep her son John Connor safe from an enemy Terminator from the future.

A must watch show on It’s cool!

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Release: LastBridge01.20.08

Screencast Lastbridge

It is official is out for public consumption! Again for those who are lost and don’t know what this “LastBridge” is it’s for listening to your radio stream on the Roku SoundBridge.I have made a screencast on How To use LastBridge. If anyone still needs help or just want to leave your opinions on this project, leave a comment or two. Thanks.Enjoy!

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David Blaine Street Magic Part 312.29.07

Blaine sets his sights on the same two effeminate idiots from the last two videos. And unfortunately for them, the third time’s the more | digg story

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“The Future of Web Services” Video12.25.07

If you’re just getting into Rails or you’re not entirely clear on the whole REST thing, as I was, take a look at Gregg’s video presentation over at It’s good.

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Weekend Update iPhone – Hulu.com12.07.07

A Funny Clip From Weekend Update iPhone Special… It’s hilarious! haha!
Hulu is pretty cool! I love it…

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