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Ruby Rabl Gem08.27.13

Lately I’ve been using Rabl in Rails to serve json. I’ve used it a few months ago but clearly I don’t remember so much about. Now that I’ve been using more I’m starting to like it more. As soon as I understood how it worked it was more fun to use than rendering json in Rails via “render :json => {}”

Note to self, when I have some time I’ll create a screencast on how to use it

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Preview Email in Rails07.02.13

I’ve recorded another video showing RailsMailPreview and FBDistributedNotification specifically on how to preview your email from a rails app.

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RailsMailPreview updated for 10.812.10.12

RailsMailPreview has been updated to work on Mac OSX 10.8.
To download visit:

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MacRuby, Rails Mail Preview10.26.11

I recently wrote an app called RailsMailPreview which will capture any emails being sent from your Rails app.
Once they are captured you can preview what they will look like to the end user.

It is available for purchase from the Mac App Store:

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Today, I published a Ruby gem called has_distance. has_distance is used to return nearby records based on the record’s origin (latitude, longitude).

More info can be found at:

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Skatr updates07.27.11

Lately I’ve been working on updating which is a site built with Rails and the new code will be ridding Rails 3, and I’ve been porting it over to use HAML as it’s way better than writing erb.

I’m also now using the new sass which I can now get rid of the css less plugin which essential did the same.

For Fixtures I started using machinist and it’s just awesome, at a project I used to work on I had to use monkey type fixtures and that was not fun, machinist makes it fun again. Try it see for yourself.

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iOS development locally05.09.11

When I test my iOS apps on my local network to debug issues I setup a host on my router to point my mac on the network. On my development machine I port forward all requests from port 80 to port 3000 because I’m using Rails and want to view the request log.

This is what I used to forward port 80 to 3000.

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Rails 2.3.5 on Dreamhost (Shared Hosting)11.29.09

Today, I started a new project. A minimalistic bug tracker that should really work under Dreamhost. The only reason I need this to work on Dreamhost is because bills begin to add up after having a few VPS accounts and I’m trying to cut my spending and since Dreamhost gives me unlimited disk space and bandwidth I figure I will use it and yes I know I can use GitHub but that cost money for private repositories.

I installed the latest rails using sudo gem install rails –version 2.3.5 and I got Capistrano all set-up and was able to deploy. Now the only thing that took almost all day was trying to figure out why rails would not process the request. So I did “rake rails:freeze:gems” to freeze the gems. Once I did that I was having problems with Rack version 1.0 already activated and I hacked around RubyGems to see if I can deactivate it but I didn’t find anyway of doing that. I also googled a ton of searched but found nothing.

What did work was to modify the rails core, ActionController to be specific in file:


I modified lines 34 and 35 and commented them out.
I then added the following:

load "#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/gems/rack-1.0.1/lib/rack.rb"

the end result look like this:

#gem 'rack', '~> 1.0.1'
#require 'rack'
load "#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/gems/rack-1.0.1/lib/rack.rb"

which after doing that, it ALL worked well. Now I can continue with building my app.

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Skatr for iPhone04.15.09

skatr for iphone

It’s been a little over 4 months of development for my iPhone app. This does not mean just coding for the iPhone app but also working on the back-end server side, creating an API for Skatr to use, and later  become a public API for others to consume.

Things I did for the 4 months of development.

First month, Start from scratch to rewrite from PHP over to Ruby using the Merb Framework. Although that went short after the announcement of Merb & Rails merge. I figured I needed to port things over to Rails now because eventually Merb will be less supported and the other reason was I already know Rails and Merb was sometimes challenging because I did not know it.

Second Month, Write lots of code to port it form Merb over to Rails and Begin writing the API that will be consumed by Skatr. Also go shopping for a Web Host to host the Web App. I started to re-read books I had on Objective-C and Cocoa and bought a few books and screencasts on iPhone development and paid $99 to Apple to be part of the iPhone Developer program. Started writing code for Skatr.

Third Month, Write Ruby Code and Objective-C code for Skatr Web and Skatr iPhone, Also make a ton of google searches to learn how things are done in iPhone land.

Fourth Month, Complete writing Skatr for iPhone and the web API for Skatr.

It was actually a lot of work doing all this considering I was working at my full-time job and not just a 8 hour job but a few days with emergency releases working over 10 hours. Also to mention it takes me almost a little under 2 hours to commute from work to home because of traffic and then I would continue with my iPhone app till usually around 12:00 AM sometimes 1:00 AM and other days when literally my eyelids where already closed and realizing I’m sleeping and I need to go to bed. It was very tiring. Then wake up early for work and continue the same pattern for about 4 months.

Now that Skatr is completed. I’ve submitted it to Apple, hoping it does not get rejected. Let’s see what happens now. Then hopefully take a vacation?

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Development: Skatr, Update12.31.08

As I wrote earlier, I was trying to release on the first of january but unfortunately that is not going to happen. I just don’t have the strength to pull it off.. I’m going to push back the release date for Skatr for mid February, I think that is a good enough time, thats like 8 full-days to work on it plus whatever time I have after work. I’m sure I’ll get it done, it’s better than half-complete.

Happy New Year!

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LA Ruby #409.19.08

So the day as come and gone. LA Ruby was a hit. This time it was over at Los Angeles Times building in Downtown Los Angeles CA. It was great to see many new people. It continues to grow. More good things are coming along the way. I met some guys from a startup called and they are using Merb instead of Rails. The idea behind it sounds cool. So I’ve posted a their video and the music for it awesome.

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LA Ruby Meetup 6/1906.19.08

LA Ruby Meetup was very cool. So I was the first to be at the scene. I helped bring the food to the room since I was in the lobby and greeted by Jody. I meet and greeted all of the LA Times people. Also meet some guy from Yahoo!, sorry I forgot your name already, and one from heroku, BizQuest another from PGP, and another from Experian. As-well as more but I sorta forgot everyones name already… or at least I can’t remember them, yet.

If you’re in the Los Angeles Area check it out. will be hosting LA Ruby Meetup #2 on July 17 2008, so mark that in your calendar. Join the Yahoo Group, LARuby

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New Free Book: “Ruby on Rails 2.1 – What’s new”06.10.08

Less than one week after the release of Rails 2.1, was launched in Brazil the first book describing all the new features of this release.

After the launch of the book in Portuguese, the Brazilian community united to translate the book into English.

Done! A gift from all Brazilian Railers to the international community.

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Heroku Invites05.25.08

Ruby On Rails Heroku Beta Invites

So I received an invite for heroku a while ago. I never really used it. Want an invite to check out I have many invites to give away. Want one? just leave your email and I will send you one your way!

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Rails on Dreamhost05.21.08

Dreamhost now supports mod_rails Passanger.

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