LyFOX 0.7

Posted in Downloads, Mac, Programming, Projects on Dec 13, 2006

LyFOX means Launch.Yahoo For OSX. It was intended for mac users to be able to watch music videos from Yahoo.
Its available for Mac, Windows, & Linux
Mac: | Windows: | Linux: LyFOX For Linux

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  1. # 1 Dave Says:

    great app its what i needed. thanx

  2. # 2 Joe Says:

    Too Sweet.. Just what the doctor ordered… thanx

  3. # 3 nectarineblue Says:

    Ossum, how about one for yahoo radio links like the internet radio ripper but for
    free.. 😀

  4. # 4 quang Says:


  5. # 5 quang Says:

    i’m a student

  6. # 6 RequestorFr Says:

    Any chance you could add Yahoo Music France to this application?

  7. # 7 Dr. B Says:

    A vote for Yahoo Music Italy. 😀

    Happy New Year!

  8. # 8 Hiroshi Tanak Says:

    thank you.

  9. # 9 f_l_a_s_h____b_a_c_k Says:

    nice tool!

    But how can i download video from

    yes i know i am frech can you help me tankx

  10. # 10 andrea Says:

    please … a vote for yahoo music italy
    i want to see that … thanks
    wonderful program
    very nice!!!

  11. # 11 espana Says:

    Hey, can you add also the german version Please

  12. # 12 too_good Says:

    Can you tell me what is sent to Yahoo when requesting videos?
    Or is it totally anonymous?

  13. # 13 fernyb Says:

    The web based does not send your IP and the stand alone application does send your IP.

  14. # 14 Too_Good Says:

    By web based do you mean Yahoo’s own Video Player?
    So, if that’s the case and (LyFox) sends Yahoo the users IP who is accessing the video clip, then Yahoo could see that you were accessing the stream from an alterate program (not their player) and throw up a red flag & if you were to theoretically download the stream, if only for viewing on an alternate player they could ‘trace’ your IP, hence trouble???
    Or do I have this screwed up?
    Do you HAVE to use Yahoo’s Player to access their Music Videos?
    Is accessing a stream via this method (LyFox) illegal?


  15. # 15 FernyB Says:

    Your right when the video is requested is does send your IP just like a .jpg
    Viewing the video on a different player is not illegal. Why would it be?
    I use a mac and there is no other way.

  16. # 16 too_good Says:

    Like a .jpg..sorry I’m confused.
    It’s just that Yahoo doesn’t give you the option of different players (eg MP or RealMedia) like some sites, like they are tying you to the one player for a reason.
    Though I don’t think Yahoo would be able to track ‘which’ player was used to view the video I guess.

  17. # 17 sLyfox Says:

    Can us Windows users get a download video button like Linux people?

  18. # 18 Umair1st Says:

    hi… well! this is Umair … guys Ahh! can any one please give me the Source Code of Lyfox For Windows plz i will be very thank full to you .

  19. # 19 Umair1st Says:

    can any one please give me the source code of Lyfox 0.6 ( I’m using Windows XP)

  20. # 20 FernyB Says:

    LyFOX was made in RealBasic which mean you need to have the RealBasic IDE which can be downloaded at

    If you read the post carefully you will see there is a link.

    There is also php source code which can be dowloaded from

  21. # 21 FernyB Says:

  22. # 22 hung Says:


  23. # 23 Maestro Says:

    I installed the lyfox for windows…it searches quite alright…but I can get the mms to be outputted:(

  24. # 24 Vol (Remove dashes from email) Says:


    Still no time to add text output for batching MMS streams? (I asked about that option to allow us to queue up up to 50 videos for batch download)

    I noticed that someone requested the source for Windows – maybe he/she has more free time and can modify?

  25. # 25 FernyB Says:

    Good News Vol. I finished my windows box and I can make it work better in windows. Althought the web based version of LyFOX has a playlist output can that be of any help to you?

  26. # 26 Barb Says:

    I downloaded the Lyfox for windows and it does not seam to be working. I try to search for videos and nothing comes up.. Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong Please Help

  27. # 27 Quang Says:

    great!What I needed

  28. # 28 Cat Says:

    this morning, lyfox worked perfectly find for me. this afternoon, i couldn’t get the mms to show up. i tried downloading it again, and it still does not work properly.

    can someon help me witht he screwup.

    great program ferny. 100% perfect (except with the mms thingy-ma-giggy)

  29. # 29 FernyB Says:

    Hey Cat! you are right it’s not working, hmmm. I wonder why? I don’t have time at this moment of my life but as soon as I finish with my other stuff I’ll take a look at it.

  30. # 30 Cat Says:

    no rush, man. take you time.

  31. # 31 Cat Says:

    your* (typo)

  32. # 32 espana Says:

    Yeah It’s also not working for me, I hope it’s just temporary, it happened to me once, like 1 month ago.

  33. # 33 Dreamer Says:

    Let’s hope it’s temporary. X_x The PHP versions have stopped working as well… I smell a possible block on the mms’ or maybe a total change to .flv? I’m sure Ferny will take care of it soon as he can! ^^

  34. # 34 T Says:

    Is it true that there are also 1300kbs for Yahoo Videos?

  35. # 35 Devas Says:

    Is there any news about what is causing Lyfox not to work?

  36. # 36 Cat Says:

    i don’t think it is possible to have 1300kbps. Yahoo! Music doesn’t even have that as a choice to view their videos.

  37. # 37 Shdonar Says:

    Yahoo must have changed something since i was using it just fine up until a week ago….. then I stopped by here to check if there was an update

  38. # 38 espana Says:

    Yahoo must have blocked it somehow, It’s not generating the code anymore. I hope that you can fix this up FernyB?

  39. # 39 Some LyFox Fan Says:

    Quote from

    v0.0.0: Yahoo! disabled wmv playback and replaced it with a Flash player. This means that pkLaunch is not working anymore. The good news is that the flash play now works on all platforms and OSes that support flash. Still Launchcast radios are not working. I released version 0.0.0 which disables video playback and just checks for updates. I try to release a newer version of pkLaunch that supports radios.
    Please use the discussion section below to let me know if there is any other feature rather than the radios you want to be added to pkLaunch.

    Thanx for your great work Ferny!

    Any idea where I can download music videos in high quality?

  40. # 40 JMR Says:

    Well not quite. It still is in WMV stream format but now they are using Flash FLV as an envelop player to make it more universal and efficient. I can still download them via other means. I guess we will just have to wait for Ferny to work his magic and get this working again.

  41. # 41 T Says:

    Can you fix this like you did to your online version.

  42. # 42 videoFreak Says:

    yeah, i cant retrieve mms reference too

  43. # 43 Elliot Says:

    Can you make lyfox work with Launchcaast radio?

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