LyFOX Dashboard Widget

Posted in Downloads, Mac, Programming, Projects on Dec 13, 2006

LyFOX Dashboard Widget for use mac people.
Download: lyfox.widget.php

4 Responses to “ LyFOX Dashboard Widget ”

  1. # 1 Dr. B Says:

    LyFOX widget is very very cool. Good job!

    Any chance for Yahoo! Italy support? Or are you holding off to see if changes format like in the US?

  2. # 2 Khuong Says:

    That’s was good

  3. # 3 sLyfox Says:

    Is there a windows version of this widget that will work with say,the Yahoo widget engine?

  4. # 4 FernyB Says:

    Thats a good idea a Yahoo Widget version will be coming soon. When I have time or you can make it yourself if you like.

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