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What do you get when you put together LyFOX & GAMV? you get glideo of course.
A work in progress & by invitation only glideo will be amazing. Still the direction of glideo is not certain but will be worth wild. Look forward to seeing more information about glideo in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. # 1 Paolo Says:

    Hola!!! Quiero felicitarte x tomarte la molestia de hacer esto para todos nosotros. Pero cuando estará listo eh? Espero me respondas pronto. Gracias

  2. # 2 Deepak Shah Says:

    He ferny ne new news on glideo oe aol v are wating

  3. # 3 Pay Low Music! Says:

    Ferny, Can I contact you in regard to Glideo? It’s very interested matter!

    And to everybody, If you are interested in trying the new beta version of Pay Low Music!, please participate in the beta program at and you will earn money from participating. It’s free to participate of course!

  4. # 4 Jaskaran Says:

    @ Damned ghost
    use authorization as anonymous for both username and password,worked for me in phpGAMV.

    hey ferny,dude i’d like an invite as well.
    thanks in advance.

  5. # 5 Zach Says:

    Are you even working on this anymore? I haven’t seen anything new on it in a REALLY long time..


  6. # 6 Francis Says:

    Hey, Ferny, Lyfox doesn’t work anymore. 🙁
    It seems like Yahoo has changed their whole video library, would you fix it, please?

  7. # 7 samuel Says:

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  8. # 8 J5 Says:

    Sigh… all good things must come to an end I guess.
    Really loved Lyfox. Enjoyed videobot as well.
    Now I can’t get any videos from Yahoo anymore.

    Ferny you going to help our your loyal followers again?


  9. # 9 FernyB Says:

    I haven’t been using LyFOX for a long time now, I know it had some issues, I guess I can try to get it back but I have been busy with other stuff, You know, “real life work”, and other side projects, I will think of something.. It was a good 3 years of LyFOX.. and wow it lasted that long. I did what I could, of course I will always try to come up with something useful.
    Thanks Everyone.

  10. # 10 samuel Says:

    Hey ferny
    just see my blog
    I’ve some tricks how to download music videos from more than 100 sites
    including yahoo music, aol music, mtv, vh1, youtube etc..
    It works 100%.
    If you like that trick please refer my blog to these people till you complete your glideo project. If you think it’s not that worth then just ban me from coming or participating in your website.

  11. # 11 fernyb Says:

    I don’t ban people. I don’t see any reason why I should but Your comments will be of some use to people looking to continue downloading music videos.

  12. # 12 Kevin Says:

    Long time lurker here at your site..
    If you could keep me in the loop regarding your projects, including…um,…this one!!… believe me it won’t go to waste – I will definintely use it, as I have all your items of the past.
    Thank you,

  13. # 13 LordCastrey Says:

    Hic.. hic… I though this Glideo would be a great software. After long time waiting.. it doesn’t seems to be happened. I remember when the LyFox is still downloadable software with that cool Black style. It’s still the best of LyFox until now. And then, the next version could download from UK region which is until now never showed up anymore. What a nice memory, hics.. hics.. 🙁

    VideoBot seems to be almost dead.. LyFox certainly has. I can’t believe all of this great pleasure is going to an end. 🙁

  14. # 14 Deepak Shah Says:

    Everything comes to end for something better but i dont think aol 1500k vids can cum back no chance they have change it or sumthing.

  15. # 15 Yubaraj Roy Says:

    Hey Ferny,

    I acn’t download aol videos any more. The link is available in php version of GAMV. It shows “the server replies that you don’t have permission to download this file”

    for example the link is

  16. # 16 Zach Says:

    I take it you’re not going to do anything with glideo.

    Way to leave us ALL hanging.

    I ‘ve checked back regularly for almost a year now.

    You could’ve at least told us you’re not even going to try anymore.

    Thanks a lot.

  17. # 17 fernyb Says:

    Well, the project is dead. I no longer work on it. I don’t make any money from it so I don’t have time.

  18. # 18 Felipe Says:

    Hack iTunes 8.0.1 Music Videos free.

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