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Today, I wanted to make a screencast to serve more as a reminder to myself on remembering how to create the UINavigation inside a UITabBar for iPhone Development. So I got a little cheap and I decided to look for something online to bookmark but I found screencast-o-matic which is really cool. It let’s you create screencasts from your browser. It uses a java applet. So this is what I created.

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As some may know, I used to work at over in Burbank, CA where I used to do full-time PHP Development, anyways I was at youtube searching for videos and I found this video of the office being flooded, it was crazy!

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iPhone WordPress App07.22.08

So as a owner of an iPhone, I decided to give wordpress iPhone app a try.. and so far it’s good.. I think it needs a way to upload images, that would be killer..

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Smith Park Montage, Pico Rivera Skaters06.01.08

This is probably one of the better videos I have seen from Pico Rivera Skateboarding. As many of you know I used to do some really serious skateboarding. I still skateboard just not that serious about it and yes it is still fun, in weekends you will probably find me there. Watch this video montage it is cool.

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Visual Resource05.31.08

Ever since I been to Pixel Eye Germany I have not found anything better for a visual resource. It has some really good work and till this day I am still amazed. It’s good stuff. Check it out.

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Pownce T-Shirt03.29.08

FernyB Pownce T-Shirt

My Pownce t-shirt has arrived

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Jonathan Yanez in Toast03.19.08

It has been a long time that since I last did some serious skateboarding, maybe too long. I still continue to skateboard just not that serious about it as some of my friends are. They have taken it to the next level. Take a look at this video of a friend I used to go skateboard with when I was in High School. It’s a cool video.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles02.01.08

In the series premiere, Sarah Connor struggles to keep her son John Connor safe from an enemy Terminator from the future.

A must watch show on It’s cool!

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Flock – The Social Web Browser12.21.07

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Flock – The Social Web Browser

I’m using flock now, and its pretty cool.. at least I think so. Check it out and give it a shot..

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First look at Hulu.com11.20.07

So lucky I was invited to the private beta of and I got to say its what I was looking for. YouTube is alright if you like user generated content but if you like good quality content then go to Hulu. Some of the things you can do at hulu are, create your own video snippets to embed on a webpage. You can also watch entire episodes and its High-Def which is even better! and for a added bonus is it’s less cluttered.

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How to: Objective-C – Part 111.12.07

I finally made a screencast of some objective-c mainly because I myself always figured its much easier to learn something when you see it visually. So that in mind. maybe someone will learn something… or maybe not… whatever…

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Ruby on Rails VS ColdFusion10.24.07

Title says it all… ha..

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What do you get when you put together LyFOX & GAMV? you get glideo of course.
A work in progress & by invitation only glideo will be amazing. Still the direction of glideo is not certain but will be worth wild. Look forward to seeing more information about glideo in the upcoming weeks.

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Pownce Invites08.28.07

For those of you who ever wanted an invite to leave your first name, last name and email. I will send you an invite to I only have 11 left so I will choose wisely.

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FOX 11 News : “Hacker Gangs”?08.05.07

So here is a video clip of FOX 11 News’ so called “hacker gangs” report. I found it interesting….

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