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Twitter MySpace Status Update

So I use Twitter and overall I like it. It’s cool I post whatever is on my mind at the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I even posted that… but anyways I have created a crosspost script. Update your Twitter status and at the same time update your MySpace status so your, myspace friends can see it.


Written in PHP.

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7 Responses to “ Twitter / MySpace Crosspost ”

  1. # 1 matt Says:

    Pretty slick. Add Facebook too and this is a uber killer idea.

  2. # 2 Chris Davis Says:

    Just downloaded your script. Nice job. However, it doesn’t seem to post to MySpace. Any ideas?

    My username and password is correct.

  3. # 3 FernyB Says:

    Well , MySpace has changed their site a bit, so it needs some modifications. Other than that issue, I think it will keep working.

  4. # 4 high_noonan Says:

    This is pretty slick and is exactly what I have been looking for.
    One suggestion, tho.
    Can you add fields to enter the unames and pwords?
    Storing them in a script is not exactly secure.
    And most browsers will remember that stuff after you enter it once.
    Just my two cents worth.

    Again, thanks! And good luck with the next version.

  5. # 5 Josh Says:

    Do you still support this code? I am getting an error:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ on line 196
    Failed to update Twitter!

    This is the line:

    196 foreach($header as $k => $v):


  6. # 6 fernyb Says:

    I haven’t worked on this code for a while but I suppose I can take a quick look at it, of course when I have some time open.

  7. # 7 Josh Says:

    That would be sweet. This is the only thing I can find anywhere that actually updates MySpace status outside of MySpace (and don’t really care for those widgets out there that embed Twitter in a box on MySpace).


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