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iPhone SDK 3.0 beta 505.16.09

Today, I was working on Skatr getting it ready for the iPhone OS 3.0 and taking advantage of some of the new features and while I succeeded testing it on my device using the beta 4 version, I had trouble with beta 5. I searched around and found the following post to be very helpful to solving whatever problem was going on with the sdk.

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At The Beach Board Shop05.09.09

Well, I’ve been on and off skateboarding for about 12 years now and a tragic day has now come, the skate shop I always liked going to and buying all my skateboarding needs has left, Just yesterday I wanted to buy an entire complete skateboard because I wanted to skate at the skatepark but the board shop is gone. That sucks, it seems like I might just order online.

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Smith Park Montage, Pico Rivera Skaters06.01.08

This is probably one of the better videos I have seen from Pico Rivera Skateboarding. As many of you know I used to do some really serious skateboarding. I still skateboard just not that serious about it and yes it is still fun, in weekends you will probably find me there. Watch this video montage it is cool.

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