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phpLYFOX is completed. What is phpLYFOX? It is simply a way to watch yahoo music videos for us Mac users since Yahoo absolutely doesn’t care to provide Macintosh users access in other words its web based. So here you go my mac friends. Try it out phpLYFOX or you can download the source code here

25 Responses to “ phpLYFOX ”

  1. # 1 mo Says:

    Yo am i the only person exited about this! This is the shit!

  2. # 2 duong Says:

    tai phim tu yahoo

  3. # 3 duong Says:


  4. # 4 Zach Says:

    You should add 1000K streams to lyfox, cause when I use the new BETA media player on yahoo music, I can watch 1000k Streams now :D!

  5. # 5 FernyB Says:

    I changed phpLyFOX to pass it 1300k. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  6. # 6 Zach Says:

    every video I watch on phpLyFOX says its only 691k :(!

  7. # 7 Zach Says:

    Am I doing something wrong that i’m not getting 1300k streams? only the 700.

  8. # 8 hfg Says:

    🙁 691k!!!!! 🙁

  9. # 9 Zachary Weeks Says:

    how do you get 1300k streams!????

  10. # 10 Cat Le Says:

    i bow down to you. great job.

  11. # 11 tom Says:

    I can not get it to work in my browser? the src of the media is empty

  12. # 12 Dreamer Says:

    @tom LyFOX products don’t seem to be working right now. FernyB said he’d look into it as soon as he can, but his life’s been pretty busy right now. We’ll just have to wait.

  13. # 13 tom Says:

    fixed…Yahoo changed there cookie and urls to new streaming media network. Videos are 400 x 300 now instead of 320 x 240

  14. # 14 Alex Says:

    Link die, man, please check the download link

  15. # 15 Alex Says:

    and how such that It doesn’t work !

  16. # 16 vanity fair Says:

    Why phpLYFOX only allows watch 320*240 video
    I need 400*300 , can you help me ,FernyB ?
    Thank you so much !

  17. # 17 baracus Says:

    i’m figuring out how to rip from now for ages… now all the how to manuals that i found are almost 2 years old. i think yahoo had done some changes to since then and some methods might not work anymore. is a pretty big site and i can’t imagine nobody put an up to date manual online how to download videos …
    so my question really is DO those manuals still work ?

    now 1 month ago i could download with windows media recorder but for some reason it won’t work now 🙁

    now i found LYFOX and if it worked it be such a great tool !!
    the problem is the website version only seems to provide the 300k versions of the videos.
    and with the exe file you can search the artists but once you doubleclick on a video you can’t watch nor can you get the mms link. just nothing happens.

    is that only with me or is lyfox having some troubles right now maybe due to script changes ????

    i’m dying over here !!!

  18. # 18 fernyb Says:

    Yes, LyFOX needs an update.. I know it doesn’t work like it used to. I just have not had time… Expect LyFOX to work some time soon…. perhaps in the new year… 2008..

  19. # 19 ZugZug Says:

    Looking to see how I can get the mms code for 691 Kbps Bite Rate & 400X300 video size that I used to be able to get from Yahho music. Any ideas or suggestions??

  20. # 20 huy Says:

    it’s can’t get video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. # 21 Ahmed Aly Says:


    LyFOX class catches the mms url very well, but the problem was about searching for video ids!
    Yahoo! has changed it’s videos search page, and I re-wrote the LyFOX class – but not from scratch – so it’s able now to catch the video ids from the new videos search page at Yahoo! Music.

    Also, I found XML Yahoo! API – hosted on yahoo itself and I think they use it for Yahoo! music – if you send a request to that API with a video ID, the result is a link to the video’s thumbnail, video name, artist name, copyright, and the name of the album!

  22. # 22 Ahmed Aly Says:

    If you need the new code, and the link to the “secret” Yahoo! API, let me know Ferny 😀

  23. # 23 fernyb Says:

    @Ahmed Aly
    Why don’t you use and post it there so we can all see what is happening.

  24. # 24 Ahmed Aly Says:


    It’s the first time to see that website, but it looks very awesome 😀
    Anyway, why not? 🙂 But… will I be able to control access that you only access to it? :>

    Anyway, I will sign up for that service now, and I will upload the new code there… so you can check it out.

  25. # 25 Ahmed Aly Says:

    Do you have the username Fernyb there? I found that username there on github and I sent you a message to your account there…

    If it’s you, read my message, and let’s start working on that man!

    my username there is thepanister

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