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MySpace does not have an API so while being bored and trying to find something to do. I wrote some code to create a homebrew/homemade API so its the unofficial MySpace API by me. So go ahead and use it do whatever you want with it. A link back to my site would be really cool or at least some credit.

I wrote some documentation for this and you can test it out here aswell. Go to: It is also available for download so you can use it with your own server.

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  1. # 1 Andrew Hodson Says:


    I have made a program using your api here and would like your help in makin it more useful…You can view the app at I would like the API to be able todo a few more things please contact me.

    Thank You

  2. # 2 joe Says:

    please fix GAMV

  3. # 3 Seth Says:

    you should hookup with the guy who makes the unofficial myspace toolbar ( )

  4. # 4 Stephan Meier Says:


    Unfortunately the friends function does not work anymore. I found out that it wasn’t easy to export a users complete friendslist. Are you going to work on this issue and fix the app?

    Best wishes

  5. # 5 ken Says:

    hi, please send me your api, i would like to try it out

  6. # 6 Tom Says:

    Hi, the login functionality no longer seems to work – is this something you are aware of and do you have a fix?


  7. # 7 the black pawn Says:

    Hey Fern,

    hit me up on my email… I want to talk to you about monetizing your API experience with Myspace… I have some inside information straight from their dev-team I want to talk with you about.


    The Black Pawn

  8. # 8 Andrew Says:

    In case anybody is having issues getting this to work since myspace made some changes the other day…

    If you change the login function to open a connection here:“.$this->myToken the script will work again.


  9. # 9 puso Says:

    thanks for everyting

  10. # 10 Justin Zero Says:

    I dont understand what this is supposed to do…i have tried the options like comments and friends and i get a blank page but the login option will return
    a bunch of ones to represent in the source code the amount of things in the profile…does anyone have a working one i can check out? please email or post


  11. # 11 Rod Johnson Says:

    I agree with justin

    I got a bunch of ones when I logged in as well….whoever you are fernyb….i hope you’re reading this.

    You got people who want to use it!! Please advise.

  12. # 12 FernyB Says:

    I don’t have time right now.

  13. # 13 jason Says:

    This would be an extremely useful app for my website, I’m going to take a look and see if I can get it working again.“.$this->myToken is one of the problems, but there is also something else causing it not to work. I will post here if I figure it out.

  14. # 14 jason Says:

    Well I’ve identified a few problems. Myspace has changed the div IDs of the fields and the postfields for login. The script still works correctly, but the login part will not work. Because of added security, I don’t think it is possible to fix…myspace now requires a viewstate and signonhash which you must go to the site to get.

  15. # 15 jason Says:

    Also, using a script like this is highly against their ToS. When asked, the Myspace MDP team said that their lawyers would come after you if you used something like this.

  16. # 16 edward Says:

    The link for the API is dead, could you email me the api?

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