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PHP GAMV is back online01.17.11

A while ago I wanted to get GAMV back online and I decided to use Cupcake the PHP Framework I wrote. If you’re looking for it go to:

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Current Progress10.16.09

So, it’s been while since I last wrote something here.. Well it’s for a good reason, I’ve been busy with work but besides the work hours, I actually managed to create a PHP Framework which I call Cupcake. The reason for the name is being that I wanted a version of CakePHP without lots of the component I will never use. I initially forked CakePHP but ran into some issues with it. So I decided to write my own and implement it that way I thought it should be. That is available on Github.

Another project I’m working on is a Mac OS X Application that will be similar to my previous apps GAMV and LyFOX which were a great success, and I will attempt to release it by the end of this year 2009.

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update: phpGAMV07.04.07

Update: phpGAMV, So this 4th of July besides programming I went skateboarding to the park but it was closed which totally sucked and ruined the entire day. So I went skateboarding behind Giant store and it was alright, it was way too hot. I also had time to fix GAMV (Get AOL Music Videos) I fixed the web based version not the application. So have fun using it and enjoi…

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Sun, Feb 11, 2007 – Update: GAMV-PHP works now. GAMV Application still does not work but I really don’t have time to fix it, I’m busy working on other projects. If you want to you can fix it. Here is the source code. gamv source code its made in RealBasic.

Update: A fix for this will be available tomorrow.

GAMV (Get AOL Music Videos) is an app to get and watch aol videos. simple as that.
Mac: | Windows: | Linux:

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GAMV-PHP is GAMV which is an accronym for Get AOL Music Videos. Original it was only for mac but since people started to complain I figured, shit okay I’ll compile the windows and linux version and post them for download. Enjoy! GAMV-PHP or download it

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