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update: phpLyFOX06.03.07

Update: phpLyFOX is working again. Although some video’s do not show but for the most part it’s working again. I don’t know for how long it will work. See it could be done. One question and leave your answers in the comments. Will you pay for phplyfox if it was payware? or would you just say F that I’m not gonna pay for anything..?

PHP Source Code:

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phpLYFOX Update12.17.06

phpLYFOX has been updated. Changes made: added playlist support.
Tell me what you think and suggestion are always cool.

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phpLYFOX is completed. What is phpLYFOX? It is simply a way to watch yahoo music videos for us Mac users since Yahoo absolutely doesn’t care to provide Macintosh users access in other words its web based. So here you go my mac friends. Try it out phpLYFOX or you can download the source code here

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