phpLYFOX Update

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phpLYFOX has been updated. Changes made: added playlist support.
Tell me what you think and suggestion are always cool.

11 Responses to “ phpLYFOX Update ”

  1. # 1 vibez Says:

    awesome site. I’m wondering if this will work on the new wii browser. I will test it out for you on the 22nd of this month and let ya know

  2. # 2 FernyB Says:

    Awesome! cross your fingers.

  3. # 3 vibez Says:

    The wii browser did noty work with phplyfox as the videos are in wmv? format and no plugin exists for them yet. Although I did head over to youtube and see it handles flash video ok. didn’t you say yahoo was now streaming in flash? Maybe worth looking into this.

  4. # 4 vibez Says:

    I wonder if this could be used at all?

    It basically transcodes video to .flv format for playback on the wii

  5. # 5 vibez Says:

    Seeing as the wii supports flv. it would be nice if we could bypass the ads somehow on the american site

  6. # 6 M.W. Says:

    Dude, you’re my hero!

    My computer never really likes Yahoo! Music (apparently my ad blocking settings are too strict), so I’ve been trying to find ways to watch videos on there for awhile now.


  7. # 7 GRRR! Says:


  8. # 8 innocenceisdeath Says:

    I love Lyfox man it rocks, but yeh I can’t get any 1300k streams either the max I seem to be getting are the 768k streams.

    Maybe it’s just not any of the videos I’m going on, if this is the case could someone give a working 1300k example?

  9. # 9 havenolife04 Says:

    hey man whats been up with the site? everytime i go on, there is no video and link?

  10. # 10 Seth Says:

    LyFox 0.7.2 doesn’t play well with new videos 🙁 NetTransport is getting hungry

  11. # 11 havenolife04 Says:

    wel how can i get it to work?

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